Business is business. It’s about doing things fast, well and cost effectively so that we can provide excellent value and be paid well for it. Funny thing is – the best way to get business right is to foster personal relationships based on trust.

Having high trust relationships with key business suppliers can make a massive difference to every element of a transaction from its speed and cost to how effectively you can manage an error.

As Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of Speed Of Trust, writes: “I am also convinced that in every situation, nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. And contrary to popular belief, trust is something you can do something about.  In fact, you can get good at creating it!”

We have had the same experience at Citiq Prepaid. The more trust we have, the faster and easier business and innovation in the prepaid management space happens. This is why we have a dedicated team of account managers focused on partnering with property developers to develop trusted relationships. Based on this experience we recommend looking for the following characteristics when looking for a trusted utilities partner:

1. Work with trusted industry experts

Unless you work with prepaid meters on a daily basis, not many people understand the ins and outs of the product and all that it entails. Utilities suppliers are required to be experts in their field, from understanding the hardware to recharge outlets as well as developing relationships with suppliers; consumers should feel confident in choosing a specific vending solutions provider. Experts should have a long standing industry knowledge, handle everything from sourcing the distributors, handling the admin and logistics to details of selecting, sourcing and pricing meters.

2. Ensure faster turnaround time

Clients should have a close and direct relationship with their vending supplier. Having an assigned account manager when signing up will mean that issues that could be tedious and administrative, will only take a few minutes to resolve. When utilities suppliers work closely with their clients, it allows them to understand what sort of information they or their tenants need, knowing this ensures that the they’re always able to provide timeous and accurate feedback almost instantly.

3. Negotiate competitive pricing

Utilities suppliers should be dedicated on sourcing the best quality meters at the most affordable prices. Having a team focussed on product research and long standing supplier relationships, will give you the peace of mind knowing that they’ve worked hard on getting you the best possible pricing because they negotiate on your behalf.

4. Easily facilitate processes

Having a team available to guide you through the entire process is so important. From supporting the owner handover by registering the meter to providing easy to understand information on how the system works as well as providing handy guides for tenants is something you should expect from your supplier.

5. Transparency and Reporting

Online portals for both owners and tenants track monthly utility bills and payments, national recharge networks and a call centre that is available 7 days a week will make your life easier.  Having access to this will leave you feeling confident that you are choosing a market leader in prepaid vending.

Citiq Prepaid believes in relationships and we all actively invest in creating partnerships based on trust, transparency and proactive delivery with our colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners. This commitment has seen us build our property developer client based to over hundreds across the country. We are proud to have installed, registered and vended for numerous developments in the last 7 years and look forward to building many many more trusted relationships based on respect and results in the future.