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The sub-metering industry has been growing steadily over the past few years because it makes life easier. Sub-metering solutions can help landlords, property owners and tenants overcome some of the frustrating challenges that come with utility management and billing. Managing electricity consumption has always been complex – tenants complaining about their bills because they have to share costs with others, property managers juggling admin and payments, and landlords struggling to keep everyone happy. Added into this mix are changing attitudes towards electricity consumption and customers becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. With sub-metering, these problems are sorted with one call to a contractor, and Citiq Prepaid. 

“Sub-metering is the most reliable, easy, convenient and environmentally relevant way of accessing and providing electricity,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “It is a proven method for managing impact on the environment as people become more aware of their usage thanks to the granular level of control that it provides. It also minimises admin, improves billing accuracy and changes how people approach their consumption.” 

For the contractor, sub-metering offers them an opportunity to work with customers to ensure that their electricity needs are met and to help them address growing awareness around the environment. Transparency is one of the key things that sub-metering brings to the table. It allows for landlords, tenants and property owners to see exactly how much electricity they are using, where they can adjust consumption, and ensure that payments are made on time. 

“We are always asking ourselves one question – how can we help solve the challenges faced by contractors and their customers,” says Scheepers. “This is why we focus on providing sub-metering solutions and value-added features that help contractors to grow their businesses and support their customers.” 

With an online portal, clear reporting, visibility into consumption trends, and two support centres, Citiq Prepaid ensures that users have everything they need to streamline their electricity and their lives. 

“For the contractor, their customer is the landlord, the owner, the managing agent the body corporate – and these customers want to know more about the systems they are installing and how they benefit them,” says Scheepers. “With Citiq Prepaid, contractors can direct customers to the support centre or portal so that they can see how they gain complete control over their usage and spend. They can also show how sub-metering helps them to manage their green credentials and their impact on the environment.” 

Contractors are in the unique position to offer customers relevant and helpful insights into improving how they manage their utilities. They can help shift the conversation from frustration around complex billing and unfair costs to complete control and carefully planned budgets. 

“Contractors can work with their customers to install sub-metering systems that make their lives easier and less expensive,” concludes Scheepers. “We walk with contractors through every step of the process, from purchase to installation to the management of customer expectations, partnering with you to build your business and customer relationships.”

This article appeared in Sparks Electrical News

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