The cost of living has gone up and people are feeling the pinch. They want to invest into solutions and technologies that help them to manage and control their expenditure so they can save money and plan for the future. An innovative and transparent sub-metering system is the perfect solution to this problem. Not only will it offer the tenant a clear view into how much they are spending on their power, but they aren’t at risk of spending more than they can afford. Another advantage is that the owner is guaranteed of timely collections and payments. With the benefits of prepaid so clear, owners are looking to electrical contractors to provide them with the insight and expertise they need to make informed choices on what sub-metering system to use.

“Electrical contractors are experts in their field and they understand what solutions suit specific situations and what the best routes to sub-metering should be for their clients,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid.

The sub-metering market presents an amazing opportunity for the entrepreneurial electrical contractor. There are plenty of tenants in plenty of buildings who want access to reliable, transparent and cost-effective sub-metering solutions. There are just as many property owners and landlords who want to cut back on admin and time-intensive utility management while ensuring that their customers get reliable service and utility provision. Contractors who understand the market, the people and their requirements are uniquely placed to provide the right solutions to their customers. 

“Electrical contractors only want to recommend utility management systems that perform and that are going to put their expertise in a good light,” says Scheepers. “They don’t want clients complaining about unforeseen costs, hidden details in the fine print, and exorbitant fees. This can seriously affect their reputation and their relationships with their clients.”

Citiq Prepaid has invested into creating a sub-metering offering that’s defined by how well it differentiates itself in the market. There are no hidden costs, no secret clauses printed in the finest of prints on contracts, no connection fees, no monthly fixed fees and, even more importantly, no switching fees. Citiq Prepaid is so confident of their sub-metering solution that it doesn’t believe there is a need to charge for switching.

“We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the sub-metering experience for our users,” says Scheepers. “Whether our user is a landlord, a property owner or a tenant, we work hard to make their experience as simple and seamless as possible. This has allowed us to not only build really good relationships with our customers, but also with our electrical contractors. They know that they can trust us to deliver excellent support and guidance to our users; and that they can trust in our quality.”

For Scheepers, it is essential that Citiq Prepaid work closely with electrical installers as they are the lifeblood of the organisation.

“The role of the electrical contractor is so important to the success of our company,” he concludes. “Without the contractors as our partners, we would never be able to reach so many people and build long-lasting relationships. We have found that by working closely with our electrical contractors we have been able to fine tune our systems and our solutions to suit what they need and, in turn, what the market needs.” 

Citiq Prepaid works closely with its electrical contractors across the country, providing them with the information and support they need to build long-lasting businesses and client relationships. This includes business and installation support, innovative solutions, transparent contracts and no hidden costs with a company focused on giving every person the perfect experience from start to finish.

This article appeared in Sparks Electrical