Want to hit the ground running? It makes sense. For most contractors, the past few months have been complicated, slow and difficult to navigate. As lockdown restrictions ease and customers start to revisit their planning, things are going to speed up, fast. This is the right time to plan ahead for the next few months and to establish partnerships and invest into solutions that will support steady growth into 2021.

“This is the perfect opportunity to make the most out of the current market awakening”, says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “Customers are going to want inventive solutions, they’re going to be looking for cost-effective answers to challenges that they’ve experienced during the lockdown, and they are going to want to work with people that they trust.”

The most important step, right now, is to invest in customer trust. People want to work with partners who will give them reliable solutions without any hidden costs or hidden fees. They want a contractor who can advise them on the best solutions for their needs and who can guide them in their investment. They also want solutions that are capable with a proven footprint in the industry. There has already been far too much risk this year – stable, reliable and capable are the key words of the day right now.

“You want to provide the kind of service and support that you would expect to receive from industry leaders”, says Scheepers. “This makes Citiq Prepaid the ideal partner to support you as you grow your business and build foundations in the new normal. We work with you to deliver the kind of service that your customers are drawn to, and dream of.”

Citiq Prepaid has invested in a variety of different tools, solutions and platforms that are designed to support the electrical contractor and their customers. Our online meter management system has been carefully curated to provide landlords, property owners and managers with a richly populated list of reports and information. The meter management system is designed to minimise admin while improving access and reducing risk. It is also accessible to tenants who get their own version of the portal that they can use to monitor spend and buy tokens online.

“What also adds value to implementing our prepaid submetering solutions in shared accommodation, business parks and development properties is the fact that every part of the process is transparent and simple”, says Scheepers. “Think about it – one of the biggest thorns in the side of tenant and property manager is billing. One side thinks the other side is charging them too much, and the other side is concerned about under-recovery – this can really affect relationship dynamics.”

If tenants know precisely how much they have to spend and exactly how much electricity they use (through the meter management system), then they remain in absolute control of their budgets. This is what prepaid sub-metering brings to the table – tenants manage their own usage and expenses while property owners and managers are paid directly at a set time each month. There is no late paying, no arguments or disputes.

“In addition to our meter management systems and superior vending system, we have also invested in a reliable and accessible support structure for our customers”, concludes Scheepers. “Our two call centres provide hands-on support to customers and our website has been populated with a variety of articles and insights to help you learn more about the solutions we have on offer. We’ve tried to create as simple and accessible a platform as possible so we can support you in building a better business.”

Originally posted in Sparks Electrical Magazine