The past year has underscored the importance of building relationships and growing partnerships. Connections have become key to helping contractors grow their businesses or remain stable in uncertain times. As the virus continues to impact society and the economy in 2021, contractors need to find new ways of engaging with customers and improving their reach. 

“Fortunately, there’s a South African first that’s been developed and designed specifically for contractors – a loyalty programme that rewards members who work with Citiq Prepaid,” says Jaqueline Basson, CIC Loyalty Manager, Citiq Prepaid. “The Citiq Installation Club, also known as the CIC, is all about rewarding those contractors who collaborate with us in delivering exceptional customer results.”

The CIC has been designed to ensure that contractors and wholesalers benefit from the programme’s structure and their relationship with Citiq Prepaid. Very few companies are as focused on building a loyalty programme committed to its members’ success, to the members who make all the difference to its long-term success. Citiq Prepaid has set new standards in providing members with this kind of support, ensuring that all contractors feel like they are part of a community.

“We work closely with our contractors as we believe this is beneficial to us all,” says Basson. “Our CIC offering is all about sharing the value and encouraging our contractors to go further and do more. With our carefully designed rewards programme, contractors who install our meters are given points that earn them a reward. These rewards can be redeemed within our wholesale network, resulting in members being able to buy extra stock or equipment.”

“We are working on developing one of the largest installer loyalty programmes in the country,” says Basson. “Members’ details will be shared with potential customers, giving contractors an additional opportunity to grow their business and expand their networks. We also provide CIC members with tools and resources to help grow their business, including promotional material and tips on marketing their business. For us, their success is as important as our own.”

The other value-add that Citiq Prepaid has is no hidden costs. Most meters available on the market are all reasonably similar.  It is, however, essential to know that vending companies differ extensively and that connection fees, monthly fixed fees and high service fees are where hidden costs tend to appear.

“Our prepaid sub-meters are tamper-proof and robust,” says Basson. “They also don’t come with any hidden fees or extra costs that suddenly get added onto the price of the prepaid sub-meter. Our prices are clear, and our quality even clearer.”

Citiq Prepaid prides itself on quality and service, not just to end-customers but to contractors. The company is continually evolving its CIC offering to make it even more relevant and exciting for the market.

“We are here to help contractors build a successful business through our CIC loyalty programme and our support centres, and our quality prepaid sub-meters. Everything we do is designed to make their lives more successful,” concludes Basson.