Utility suppliers demand payment based on usage which can cause turmoil for account holders when account users, like tenants, dispute these amounts. Citiq Prepaid offers a solution to this problem with a client-focused online system that enables access to a full transaction history via detailed reports when you login to

Detailed reports that can be pulled include: low consumption, KWh per meter, KWh per building, sales per meter, sales per building, building summary, accounting reports and many more. The reports are available in HTML, CSV, PDF and Excel formats, with primary reports being automatically emailed to you every month.

The system is reliable, with a quick and easy meter registration process that puts the power of control into your hands by removing the utility supplying middleman. Tenants then consume electricity on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and make payment for it upfront, which greatly reduces the risk of tension around payment discrepancies – making utility collection easier for you.

All funds collected from tenants on behalf of landlords are held in a trust account insured by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. At the beginning of each month these funds are paid over to an account specified by the landlord, reducing the amount of administration that distributing account bills results in.

Citiq Prepaid provides a solution that makes the landlord-tenant relationship more transparent, less prone to strife and thus more successful. Join the Citiq Prepaid family by contacting us at 087 55 111 55 – installation will be arranged and before you know it, you too can enjoy tension-free relationships with your tenants.