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Meet our featured installer – Themba Maphanga

Themba Maphanga is one of the most prolific electrical contractors working with Citiq Prepaid sub-metering solutions. In July 2020, he installed 60 Citiq Prepaid meters – an impressive feat. But not as impressive as the fact that he installed more than 300 Citiq Prepaid meters from April to July 2020 alone. Themba has been working in this space for many years, a career that he chose because it gave him the freedom to spend time with his family and live his life while still building a business.

“I was looking for another source of income, one where I could match the standard of living that I wanted and where I could be my own boss,” says Themba. “So, I opted into running my own business installing Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. This has allowed me to focus my time on things that are not just work.”

Themba opted into working with Citiq Prepaid because he felt that the meters were of an exceptional quality and at the right price point. It matched, he felt, the entire principle of prepaid in the first place: “Most of our customers and landlords complain about electricity consumption so when I introduce Citiq Prepaid as the best solution to cut their costs and their usage, they’re keen to give it a try. I show them how it helps them to manage their money better, and how they can reduce admin and fraud.”

For Themba, Citiq Prepaid is his only prepaid sub-metering solution. He finds the meters easy to install and the support system incredibly helpful for solving any problems that he, or his customers, may have. 

“Other companies aren’t as good when it comes to getting help, it’s not fast enough or they don’t understand the problem,” he adds. “With Citiq Prepaid I get quick service, which means my customers are happy.”

The business has given Themba a sense of accomplishment. It allows him to change lives in a positive way, and to make a difference. He feels that he helps landlords improve their control of utilities and tenant utility challenges, and he helps tenants to gain control over how much they have to spend every month. This commitment to people is very likely the reason why he has achieved the impressive milestone of 300 meters installed in only three months.

“I use online advertising on Facebook to get customer attention, and I also do my job in the best possible way so I get referrals from happy customers,” says Themba. “People appreciate my hard work. I’m often told horror stories about contractors who didn’t install a system properly or didn’t check that it worked. I end up fixing a lot of mistakes that other electricians make.”

Themba builds his business through word of mouth, Facebook advertising and connecting with customers. He believes in customer service, getting results and making sure that the job is done properly so that everyone can benefit from using a prepaid sub-metering solution.

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