Prepaid Electricity Meters Installation

Citiq Prepaid enables the installation of prepaid electricity meters across South Africa. We provide industry leading single phase and three phase prepaid meters, which include wired and PLC meters. When considering the installation of prepaid meters, drop us an email or reply to our contact form and we will respond promptly with an answer to your query.

More than one meter can be installed at a property – which can come in handy when renting out a main house and flat, or various sections of a building or office block. If prepaid electricity meter installation has already been done on your property, but you are looking to switch from your current prepaid vendor – Citiq Prepaid can assist and will facilitate the entire process.

Citiq Prepaid boasts an STS certified vending system which ensures that once installation is done, purchasing of electricity or water tokens can be done conveniently both online and in stores at any time of the day.

Contact us now at Citiq Prepaid to find out more about prepaid electricity meter installation and how we can help you.

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