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Citiq Prepaid is South Africa’s most trusted prepaid sub-metering utility provider. Our solutions are high quality, SABS approved sub-meters that are designed to last. Our extensive network of wholesalers continues to grow, ensuring the availability of Citiq Prepaid sub-meters across South Africa. Our expert call centre is available seven days a week to give you the information you need, make your life easier and your customers happier. Our loyalty programme is designed to recognise the value you bring to the prepaid sub-metering market. 

We have invested in making the installation of our prepaid sub-meters as simple and seamless as possible.

Citiq Prepaid gives you:
  • A high-quality sub-metering solution you can rely on
  • Exceptional call centre support, seven days a week to support your customers and any queries you may have 
  • Well-priced, quality prepaid sub-meters that are constantly tested so you don’t need to deal with returns, admin or dissatisfied customers
  • Access to the fastest growing sub-metering business in South Africa
  • The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) – a loyalty programme designed specifically for contractors that gives you financial rewards for installing and registering Citiq Prepaid meters
  • Installation reference guides and exceptional end-user support for the profitable provision of trusted solutions
  • Clients who are using a different provider can switch to Citiq Prepaid

Installation transformed

You don’t want complexity, difficulty or unnecessary problems. You do want a quick and easy installation of a reliable solution that customers love. Citiq Prepaid’s sub-meters are from the best manufacturers globally, including Landis+Gyr, Hexing, Conlog, Utility Systems and Clou. They are also quick and easy to install.

The Citiq Installation Club (CIC)

The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) is an industry first, offering you financial rewards for every meter you install. The CIC’s structure is very simple and doesn’t expect you to fill in too many forms or undergo lengthy verification processes. Designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle, the CIC loyalty programme awards you a cash voucher once you’ve installed and registered 20 Citiq Prepaid meters. This voucher can be redeemed at your preferred Citiq Prepaid wholesaler and effectively puts the money you would have spent on the meter back into your pocket.

Setting the gold standard in prepaid sub-metering

Our prepaid sub-meters, network of trusted contractors, proprietary vending system, competitive pricing and comprehensive value-added services set the standard for prepaid sub-metering. We’re the only vendor that pays landlords during the first week of the month, and we embed transparency into every part of the process so that landlord, tenant, wholesaler and contractor always feel heard. Citiq Prepaid is South Africa’s fastest-growing, and most trusted service provider in the market today.

Pioneering a new way of sub-metering in South Africa 

Since 2010, Citiq Prepaid has been committed to innovative thinking. We are continually looking for new ways to improve experiences, transform access, redefine sub-metering capabilities and reshape engagement with contractors. Our innovation commitment extends into product design and value-added services.


Citiq Prepaid works with contractors to ensure that you receive quality prepaid sub-meters with installation reference guides, superb end-user support, access to a vast network of trusted wholesalers, and a repertoire of solutions that keep your customers happy. We deliver what you need to build your business with our quality prepaid sub-meters.

Get in touch with us for any Citiq Prepaid Meter Registration or Support Queries.

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