Citiq Prepaid offers a client-focused utility usage online system that enables access to a full transaction history via detailed reports when you login to citiqprepaid.co.za. As a tenant, you can track how much electricity you are consuming, and therefore purchase electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis. This ensures that you pay only for what you use, and there are surprise figures in your utility bill.

Usage reports that can be accessed on citiqprepaid.co.za include: low consumption, KWh per meter, KWh per building, sales per meter, sales per building, building summary, accounting reports and many more. Managing your usage and overall account has never been easier.

The Citiq Prepaid system is reliable, with a quick and easy meter registration process that puts the power of control into your hands. It cuts out the electricity supplying middleman (ie the municipality) and simplifies your experience paying your utility bills. This eliminates the possibility of any disagreements with landlords about amounts owed at the end of each month.

With 80,000 vendors country-wide, Citiq Prepaid has the widest network of token re-charge points of any prepaid provider in South Africa. Citiq Prepaid electricity tokens can be purchased almost anywhere at any time, include our very own vending system. Find your nearest vendor here *link* or call our call centre at  087 55 111 55 during office hours.