Tebogo Mabena, co-founder of Go Go Green Electrical, talks about how the Citiq Installation Club has changed his business and plans for the future 

Tebogo and Millicent Mabena are the co-owners of Go Go Green Electrical, a thriving electrical contractor and sub-metering installation company that provides services to the South African market. The company was established on solid foundations and has achieved significant growth since partnering with Citiq Prepaid and building a thriving sub-metering installation business. Millicent Mabena is a registered electrical contractor with her DOL and a passion for providing people with the right solutions for their homes, businesses and lives while Tebogo Mabena manages the business and works closely with customers, wholesalers and Citiq Prepaid. 

Tebogo and Millicent discovered Citiq Prepaid when they were researching sub-metering solutions for a large project in Sandton… 

“The name of our company really reflects our values,” says Millicent. “We wanted to build a company that was part of the green economy and green energy, providing cost-efficient and well thought out services to our customers. We are always looking for ways in which we can help our customers use less energy and help them to invest into electrical appliances and solutions that fit in with this goal. This is one of the many reasons why we ended up with Citiq Prepaid.” 

The team had been running the company for a while when they discovered the sub-metering business and recognised the opportunity it presented. Tebogo immediately realised that it was a space which could really benefit their customers and help them to expand into new areas and markets. This led to him spending a lot of time researching different sub-metering companies to find one that would fit the Go Go Green Electrical ethos, business model and plans for growth. 

Making a difference, building a future 

For Millicent and Tebogo, finding a sub-metering partner meant more than just cheap meters or fast service. It had to be a relationship with a company that respects their values and recognised the difference that they could make, together. 

“We went through many different prepaid meters and when our research turned up Citiq Prepaid we realised fairly early on that this was the company we wanted to work with,” says Tebogo. “Partnering with Citiq was the perfect fit. They offer quality, value-added services, support, and constant business development advice. They took us on board as partners and have led us alongside since then. They also have the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) which is a fantastic loyalty programme.” 

The Citiq Installation Club was designed by electrical contractors for electrical contractors.  The programme recognises how hard installers, contractors and wholesalers work to ensure that customers are happy, meters installed correctly, and systems run smoothly. It awards points for every Citiq Prepaid meter that’s installed and registered on the system – once a contractor reaches 20 points they receive a R500 cash voucher to redeem at any Citiq Prepaid wholesaler. They can spend it at the wholesaler of their choice, keeping the money in the ecosystem. The more meters a contractor installs, the more they earn. 

“We are so happy to be part of this club,” says Tebogo. “It’s such a simple thing and makes such a big difference. With the voucher system it means we are getting money back for our work – it’s cash in hand that rewards us for using Citiq Prepaid.” 

For Tebogo, the CIC programme is not just about their R500 voucher, but also about them being able to give back to their preferred wholesaler. 

“What makes this even more valuable is that our wholesaler – Xpress Electrical Wholesalers in Benoni – are really helpful and give us amazing advice when we encounter a difficult problem or need more meters than we originally thought so we’re keeping the money in the family, so to speak. Xpress Electrical help us with everything from cables to meters to tricky customer requests,” says Tebogo. “As a result, we can give our clients everything they need with no extra running around.” 

It’s all about relationships

 The relationship that the Go Go Green Electrical team has with their wholesaler and with Citiq Prepaid have made all the difference to their business and their future. 

“Citiq Prepaid is really committed to taking away challenges, to making life easier for us and our customers,” says Tebogo. “Our customers don’t have to deal with expiring tokens or the limitations of only one person being allowed to pay for power or limited support. Citiq has made support part of the foundations of the business and it really shows. This is why we opted to work with them. Citiq Prepaid is always on the phone when we need them and the CIC is always there, inspiring us to work harder and achieve more.” 

The CIC is an easy to use and accessible loyalty programme that’s exclusive to Citiq Prepaid contractors and installers. To find out more about how you can join the Citiq Prepaid family and enjoy the benefits of our support, business development, the CIC and our network of customers, contact us on 087 55 111 55.

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