Technology continues to have a significant impact on every industry and sector. Intelligent platforms and smart solutions are changing the way industry and customers engage with anything from construction to brick purchasing to utilities. Water and electricity, the mainstays of efficient builds and estates, have not been excluded from the advances made by technology with smart meters, online platforms and innovations changing how people access and use essential utilities. 

“Thanks to intelligent solutions and prepaid sub-metering systems, utility management does not have to be an admin-intensive nightmare or a complicated juggle between payment and tenant relations,” says Michael Franze, Managing Director at Citiq Prepaid. “Modern prepaid sub-metering solutions are designed to provide both tenant and property owner with insights and control that change how they engage with utilities and budgets.” 

Citiq Prepaid has been leveraging technology since its inception, building solutions and innovating to provide customers with the kind of service and utility control that they want. The Citiq Prepaid online portal, for example, provides tenants with a space where they can track their utilities and spend while accessing a range of prepaid sub-meter payment options. Property owners can use the portal to manage their prepaid sub-meter investments and usage and potentially identify issues, such as under-recovery, before it becomes a very expensive problem. 

“We’ve also focused on using advances in mobile devices to make prepaid sub-metering as accessible and user-friendly as possible,” says Franze. “We have one of the largest prepaid recharge networks in the country. These include both physical and online options, giving tenants the ability to manage their utilities according to their preferences and convenience. Our advanced online recharge offering is also well suited to minimising social interaction and contact during the pandemic.” 

Citiq Prepaid has been paying attention to advances in smart metering and intelligent prepaid sub-meter developments and has always invested into solutions that embody both quality and capability. The company is looking at how smart metering and further intelligent evolutions in service and system can be used to improve customer experiences and transform how they approach their utility management. There will always be a need for electricity and water, and there will always be bills, but these do not have to come with admin, complexity and inconvenience.

“We pride ourselves in being open about our fees by ensuring there are no hidden costs in our agreement with landlord. We charge no connection fee, and no monthly fixed fee. We believe that prepaid sub-metering should be easy, transparent and convenient,” concludes Franze. “This can be seen in our online platform, high-quality sub-meters, and ongoing investment into intelligent solutions that make a difference to both tenant and landlord.”