Markets are destabilised. Economies are mercurial. Businesses are floundering. And the world is steadying itself, slowly, on foundations defined by the uncertainty of the global pandemic. This is not an easy time to build a business. However, there is one thing that has stood out amidst the complexities and challenges of this year – the need for transparency and open communication. Organisations, individuals and governments that have been transparent and accessible have gained trust and this, perhaps more than ever, is vital for long-term success. 

“Transparency has become a commodity,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “It is the key that unlocks customer trust, that builds more robust relationships and that helps businesses build more stable foundations. If customers trust in a company or in a person, then they are more likely to listen to them, take their advice and stay loyal.” 

This is something that has become critical to the Citiq Prepaid ethos and to how the company does business with its customers – the electrical contractors and wholesalers. The company is focused on providing prepaid sub-metering solutions that aren’t shrouded in mystery with hidden costs and extras, but rather on delivering high-quality solutions that deliver exactly what they should – quality. 

“Our solutions have no hidden costs and no hidden fees – we believe that transparency is critical to building relationships in the industry and supporting contractors through this complex time,” adds Scheepers. “Our solutions come with several features that really embed this transparency for the end-user and your customer too. For example, our customer portal allows for the landlord, tenant or property owner to immediately gain a clear view of utility status and usage so they can see what’s happening with their properties and utilities at all times. Nothing is hidden.” 

This philosophy is embedded into how Citiq Prepaid approaches its support for both contractors and wholesalers. The company developed the first loyalty programme for the industry with the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) that’s easy to use, doesn’t require any complicated processes to work, and directly benefits both contractor and wholesaler. The contractor receives a R500 voucher while the wholesaler receives the custom from the contractor community. 

“We have focused on putting transparency at the forefront of our strategy and our engagements with the industry,” concludes Scheepers. “This will continue to shape our innovations and developments in the industry and how we work with contractors and wholesalers in the future.”