If you’ve ever wondered about prepaid electricity meter installation costs, continue reading to know what you should be paying:

When it comes to prepaid electricity and water meter installation costs, there are only two initial upfront costs and that is the purchasing of the meters from a preferred Citiq Prepaid wholesaler and the meter installation costs by a certified electrician or plumber. Prepaid electricity or water meter installation costs will differ from installer to installer. It’s important to remember that the installer you choose must be registered with the Department of Labour. 

Activation and Monthly Fees – R0
After a successful installation, your electricity or water meters will need to be activated before your tenants can start using it. All you need to do is complete the form on the inside of the meter packaging, or call 087 55 111 55, and we’ll register and activate your meter. We do not charge activation fees to activate the meter nor do we charge fixed monthly fees.

Vending Fee – 8.45%
Citiq Prepaid only charges customers a 8.45% service fee when purchasing tokens (regardless of the token amount). Our service fee includes:

  • Access to our innovative meter management portal where landlords and tenants can track purchases, download reports, buy tokens and more.
  • Support 7 days a week via our call centre or via WhatsApp.
  • Recovering the monthly utility costs from tenants and paying this back to the property owner so they can settle their monthly municipal bills.

Read more about the detailed breakdown of the installation and registration process here