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One of the most well-known quotes attributed to Steve Jobs says, ‘If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.’  Success is rarely a sudden and explosive event – winning the lottery excepted – it’s a slow burn of hard work, investment, commitment and focus. It’s relationships, networking, and planning. These rules apply to every industry and entrepreneur, from the multi-billionaire technology company creator to the dedicated electrical contractor. Those who focus on tools and solutions that empower them are those who will find long-term success. 

For Millicent and Tebogo Mabena, the co-founders of Go Go Green Electrical, their success came from their collaboration with Citiq Prepaid. Since their move to prepaid sub-metering, the duo has established a solid and successful business that leverages their partnership with Citiq Prepaid to grow their customer base and expand their offering. As Millicent points out, “We wanted to build a company that was part of the green economy and that provided cost-efficient and well thought out services to our customers. Because we were always looking for ways to help our customers and provide them with trusted solutions, we ended up with Citiq Prepaid.” 

Go Go Green Electrical worked closely with Citiq Prepaid to grow their visibility and market share in new and previously unexplored markets. The prepaid sub-metering company provided them with marketing support and advice and helped them leverage their membership with the Citiq Installation Club (CIC)

“This club is such a simple idea, but it makes such a difference,” says Tebogo. “We get points for every Citiq Prepaid sub-meter we install and register on the system, and when we hit 20 points, we receive a R500 cash voucher to redeem at our preferred Citiq Prepaid wholesaler. What makes this even more valuable is that our wholesaler is helpful and gives us amazing advice when we encounter a difficult problem or need more meters than we originally thought.” 

Go Go Green Electrical has built an ecosystem of networking and support with Citiq Prepaid and Xpress Electrical Wholesalers allowing them to provide exceptional customer service and always stay ahead of the game. They believe that the CIC plays a huge role in their success, and their view is shared by Lerato Ramushu, another CIC member. 

“I was drawn into working with Citiq Prepaid when I was a landlord. The company helped me manage the admin and payments for my properties with their intelligent prepaid sub-metering system as these sub-meters transformed how we managed our utilities,” she explains. “As I became more aware of how well these prepaid sub-meters worked and how much value they added, I decided to start my own installation business.” 

Lerato only uses Citiq Prepaid because, she says, the experience has always been exceptional with reliable customer service and ongoing support. As one of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers, she benefits immensely from the value-add provided by the CIC. 

“Citiq Prepaid is easy to manage, high quality and the CIC has plenty of extra features – why would I use anyone else when I’m so happy with the best?” 

Valley Nkgapele is another happy CIC member who has pulled on the club to build a solid and trusted business that provides customers with reliable installations and support. His business is built on a passion for his work and a commitment to customer service. 

“I like Citiq Prepaid because my customers like them,” he concludes. “They don’t complain about the quality, they like the way the unit works, and it gives them peace of mind. I love being a member of the CIC because I earn both sides – from my customers and this easy-to-use reward system.” 

Citiq Prepaid has invested significant time and effort into building a loyalty platform that meets the needs of the electrical contractor and wholesaler, providing rewards and value-adds that allow them to grow their business and build long-term relationships.

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