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Building relationships with the right companies can open up new markets for electrical contractors

Want to use 2020 as a springboard for long-term business success? The secret lies in collaboration and relationship building and working with people and organisations that allow you to shift career gears and open up new markets. Whether you’re considering starting out as an electrical contractor or you’ve already been working in the industry for several years, forging partnerships can help you to take your skills and business to the next level.

“The goal for anyone in the electrical contractor space is to run a successful company and to find new customers and opportunities,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “The challenge is finding partners that reflect your values and recognise your potential.”

Citiq Prepaid is committed to providing electrical contractors with a solid foundation for growth and the chance to expand their business and their skillsets. For those looking to move into this industry, Citiq Prepaid has developed a comprehensive online guide to becoming an electrical contractor – from Wireman’s License to getting your DOL registration – that not only focuses on the technical and regulatory aspects, but on marketing and sales.  Citiq Prepaid also created the Pocketbook for Installers and works closely with some of South Africa’s most promising electrical contractors and companies to help them expand their markets and their potential.

“We went through many different prepaid metering companies and when our research turned up Citiq Prepaid we realised fairly early on that this was the company we wanted to work with,” says Tebogo Mabena, co-owner of Go Go Green Electrical. “They have provided us with quality, value-added services, support, and constant business development advice. They took us on board as partners and have collaborated with us since then.”

Citiq Prepaid works closely with electrical contractors, offering them the tools they need to develop sustainable and successful businesses and achieve their 2020 ambitions. The company has already established itself as a leader in the prepaid utility market and continues to find new ways of supporting contractors through its loyalty programme, the Citiq Installation Club and through constant innovation, development and high-quality services.

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