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Meet our featured installer – Leonard Maluleke

Leonard Maluleke has been working with electricity for many years. When he was hit by unemployment, he decided to take his skills and build his own successful business – the Leonhardt Group. Today, Leonard runs a company with plenty of customers thanks to his commitment to customer service, perfection in delivery, and ongoing customer support.

“I was unemployed for a while and realised that I needed to do something for myself, to build my own business and future,” he explains. “As I already had training as an electrical contractor, I thought it was a good idea to open a business in this field.”

Leonard deals with various electrical contractor duties, from tubing and fault finding to managing installations of Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. While his work is often very technical, he’s found that prepaid sub-meters are in high demand with this growing customer base.

“I realised very early on that this was a good market, that there was a gap for reliable prepaid sub-metering solutions and for reliable contractors to manage these installations,” says Leonard. “They are very convenient and useful for my customers – they often struggle with payments or managing unexpected bills, so I offer them this solution. It makes all the difference to them.”

For Leonard, Citiq Prepaid sub-meters offer him several benefits. The first is the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) that rewards his hard work. As he puts it: “I get to make money after every 20 prepaid sub-meters I install, so it’s a really great value add.”

He also enjoys working with Citiq Prepaid because their support team is on the ball. He finds it convenient and easy to set up clients on the prepaid sub-meter system and easier to help them. The system is designed to ensure that support for his clients is ongoing, and this is an ethos that underpins his own business and approaches.

“I love what I do, but I really enjoy helping my customers,” he concludes. “I keep the communication lines open so they can call me any time. If they have trouble, I come and help them. If they need advice, I am there. I believe that this is really important to building a business and is one reason I really enjoy my job. I like helping people.”

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