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Creating transparency for innovative transformation

Two principles should define service delivery in the prepaid sub-meter space – transparency and innovation. Customers want both, contractors need both, and solutions should offer both to ensure that they meet expectations in a very crowded market. This is when contractors need to work with service providers that offer solutions that meet real and relevant customer needs. 

“The prepaid sub-meter must be developed and designed to high-quality standards to ensure that it is tamper-proof, robust and reliable,” says Jaqueline Basson, CIC Loyalty Manager at Citiq Prepaid. “And the vending provider needs to offer a service that both tenant and property owner or landlord can trust, and one that will consistently deliver superb results throughout the customer journey. If a device is trustworthy and the service offering is reliable, then it creates trust, and this is a vital component of prepaid sub-meter service delivery.” 

Citiq Prepaid has invested in high-quality, market-leading prepaid sub-meters to ensure that customers and contractors are assured of reliability and innovative service delivery. Innovation is not defined by self-driving cars; it is defined by transforming the necessary into something extraordinary. This is something that Citiq Prepaid shows commitment to, not just in its prepaid sub-meters, but in the solutions that come with them. 

“We have developed the Citiq Installation Club (CIC), a first of its kind contractor loyalty programme that rewards contractors for their hard work and commitment,” says Basson. “We also have an online platform available providing tenants and landlords with visibility into their Citiq Prepaid sub-metering solutions. The platform has different logins for tenants and landlords or property owners and provides different information for these markets.” 

The online tool offers tenants easy access to token purchasing and relevant information around their usage, helping them maintain control over their utility spend and manage their budgets more tightly. For the landlord or property owner, this allows them granular insights into their meters and their status so they can manage them more effectively. Contractors installing Citiq Prepaid sub-meters enjoy the benefit of this innovation as they can show their customers the value-add that comes with these prepaid sub-metering solutions. 

“We are continually investing in intelligent solutions that drive value for our customers, whether they are contractors, landlords or tenants,” concludes Basson. “We believe in transparency and trust, and we know that through our innovative approach to utility management, we can embed these qualities into every engagement.”

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