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Everything you should know about Prepaid Meters

Everything you and your tenant should know about their prepaid meter

Prepaid meters have become the most popular choice for landlords, body corporates and property managers. Tenants and homeowners are also realising the benefits of a prepaid system and it is becoming the determining factor when looking for property to rent (and even buy). They prefer simply moving into their home without dealing with the municipality about name changes or debt still owing.

Tenants residing in apartments fitted with prepaid electricity meters are generally happier with the financial arrangement of the electricity bill. The main benefit reported by tenants using prepaid meters is that they are able to monitor exactly how much electricity they consume. Tenants also point out that being able to pay in advance means that they know just how much they are spending and do not have to dread receiving a large electricity bill at the end of the month. Prepaid meters help them remain in control and adhere to their monthly budgets. In the long run, prepaid meters help people be more mindful and responsible of their electricity consumption.

Here is some important information your tenants should know when you choose Citiq Prepaid Meters:

Purchasing Tokens
Citiq Prepaid offers the widest network of token re-charge points of any prepaid provider in South Africa. There are various ways for tenants to buy tokens:

Retailers: Recharge tokens can be purchased at any one of our 80,000 vendors country-wide. Tokens and UniPin vouchers are available at Easypay and Cigicell retail outlets, this includes Pick and Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar, fuel stations and Lewis Store outlets.

Online: Online channels for purchasing tokens include SpeedPay, EFT, Credit Card, SID Instant EFT and cell phone purchases.

ATM: Tenants banking with Nedbank or FNB can purchase tokens directly from a Nedbank or FNB ATM by simply following the ATM instructions for making prepaid electricity purchases.

For more information on how to purchase tokens, please visit our help section.


Providing Support
Often, tenants purchase tokens but accidentally throw the slip away before entering the token number into the meter. Your tenant can SMS their meter number to 31371 to retrieve their last valid token – a very simple and effective method that does not require involving the landlord.

Our call centre is also available 7 days a week to address any concerns. Tenants can contact our call centre at any time to assist with any problems they may have, whether with payments or token issuance. The telephone number is 087 55 111 55, alternatively they can email

Installing Citiq Prepaid meters has a wide range of benefits for landlords as well, find out more here. If you would like to switch to Citiq Prepaid, please get in touch with us directly –

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