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Meet our featured installer – Lerato Ramushu

Lerato Ramushu is a young and dynamic South African entrepreneur. She’s vibrant and energetic, and when she sees a gap in the market, she takes it. Lerato finds a way to use her skills and knowledge to help people and communities. Ever since she was young, she’s taken every opportunity to build businesses and grow teams. Today, she’s winning at doing just this with the Citiq Installation Club and her growing team of prepaid sub-metering installers

“I try to close the gaps, and the best way to do that is to provide a service well,” she says. “My motivation is to satisfy the needs of my clients and my community and to help people. I was drawn into working with prepaid sub-meters and with Citiq Prepaid when I was a landlord, and it’s all snowballed from there.” 

Lerato was a landlord struggling to manage the admin and the payments for her properties. Tenants either didn’t pay on time or didn’t pay at all, and managing the bill divisions became complicated and time-consuming. A chance meeting with a Citiq Prepaid employee saw her invest into Citiq Prepaid sub-meters on her properties and transform how she managed her utilities. 

“It completely changed how I worked with utilities on my properties and my relationship with my tenants,” says Lerato. “It’s easier to manage payments, and tokens are easy to buy, so the whole idea just makes sense. As I became more aware of how well these meters worked, the more I realised I wanted to start a business.” 

Lerato’s interest in prepaid sub-metering resulted in her spending a lot of time learning about the advantages, the market and client needs. Today, she has a team of electricians and plumbers who handle the installation of her Citiq Prepaid sub-meters while she facilitates the finding of new clients and their support. 

“I work with our customers; I provide them with the information they need so that they understand exactly how prepaid sub-meters work and why they can help them better manage their utilities,” says Lerato. “I also manage the team, spend time on-site with customers to make sure they are happy, and spend time promoting our company and services on social media.” 

Lerato is a firm believer in digital marketing and makes sure that people understand the value of prepaid sub-meters. She spends time on social media platforms and hosting tables at shopping malls, getting to know customers and educating them about the benefits of the solution. She also only uses Citiq Prepaid. 

“I’ve had such a good experience with Citiq Prepaid that I use their prepaid sub-meters for my properties and for my clients,” concludes Lerato. “They are easy to manage, high quality and have plenty of extra features. Why use anyone else when I am so happy with the best?” 

Lerato is one of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers and has a superb reputation, not just with Citiq Prepaid but also with her growing customer base. 


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