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Meet our featured installer – Pride Rugwete

You would be forgiven for thinking that the installation of more than 850 prepaid sub-meters over the period of just five months was the work of a company. You’d also be forgiven for thinking that perhaps this number was written down incorrectly. But, for Pride Rugwete – an electrical contractor and prepaid sub-metering system installer – this is the number that defines his impressive work ethic and superb customer relationships.

Pride installed that impressive tally of more than 850 prepaid sub-meters from July 2020 to November 2020. In that time, he not only provided people with improved control over their utilities and finances, but he built relationships and a business.

When asked what inspired him to move into the installation of prepaid sub-meters, Pride said: “I saw that people were in need of prepaid systems and that there was a gap in the market for reliable solutions and for contractors who could install them. So, I specialised in this area and have seen amazing results. I do specialise in other electrical contractor skills and tools, but this is one of my best areas.”

Pride opted into using Citiq Prepaid sub-meters for his business after a company he used to use closed down. Citiq Prepaid came highly recommended as a company that had high-quality prepaid sub-meters and that didn’t charge people a lot of money for their services.

“Many companies are not as reliable in terms of their products nor in terms of their paying out to people,” he adds. “Customers want a solution that delivers every month and that’s reliable and many of them have had past experiences with different meters, solutions and companies. They all recommended Citiq Prepaid because the company has a solid product and you get great service.”

Working with Citiq Prepaid meant that Pride didn’t have to worry about customers struggling to get support when they first registered their devices and he felt that he could leave them in capable hands.

“Often people don’t know who to contact, don’t know how to even use or activate their meters,” says Pride. “People come and install the prepaid sub-meter and then go, leaving customers without any kind of support. This is not how I like to work which is why Citiq Prepaid was a good choice for me.”

Pride believes in working with people and providing customer care alongside his technical experience and understanding. He uses these skills to support his existing client base when they experience issues, and this has seen his business and reputation grow exponentially.

“I love working with electricity and helping people not fight over power and costs and fraud,” he adds. “Often people fight over who’s responsible for the money, who used more – this causes immense problems and prepaid sub-meters fix this. It’s amazing how this simple technology can remove really complicated problems!”

Pride is one of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers, and someone who is always looking for new ways to build his business and care for the people he works with. The future for his company is very bright indeed, especially with such an impressive prepaid sub-metering legacy behind him.

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