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Meet our featured installer – Shelton Maere

In 2014, the company that Shelton Maere worked for was liquidated. The owners gave him some tools and some customer connections as a way of helping him get started, and since then Shelton has grown his business significantly. Today, Shelton has a reputation for running a tight ship that looks after its customers properly. 

“I moved into prepaid sub-metering in 2017 because a lot of people were having trouble with their landlords or with their tenants,” says Shelton. “Many of my customers were complaining that their tenants were refusing to pay for their utilities and needed a solution that would help them and prevent them from losing money. When I took a deeper look into the problem, I realised that prepaid sub-meters were the solution.” 

Shelton loves his job as an electrical engineer, especially since it was something that he seemed to have been born to do. 

“When I was a kid, I would hook up batteries and fix things and build things all the time,” he says. “My parents said to me, ‘You’re an electrical engineer’, and I knew that this was the job for me. Not only do I love it, but it puts bread on the table and allows me to work with my skills.” 

Shelton is committed to using Citiq Prepaid sub-meters because they are the right quality and rarely give him problems. He loves using the company because it offers such good support, and even his wholesaler gives him a bit of a discount when he buys them because he always purchases so many. For him, it’s the brand to beat. 

“I have had customers who live in other countries ask me when Citiq Prepaid is going to be available in their country,” says Shelton. “They keep asking me to find out. Even my local customers prefer the brand because they know that they’re getting the right quality and support.” 

Today, Shelton has a thriving business because he continues to do his job the best way he can. He makes sure that every installation is perfect without hums, wires, or issues, and he ensures that his customers understand how the system works. 

“I know that this is the right career for me and the right way for my business to go,” concludes Shelton. “It’s a great life, and a great job, and I am looking forward to another great year with Citiq Prepaid.” 

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