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Meet our featured installer – Valley Nkgapele

A career built from passion and commitment

It’s a wise person who recognises that a successful career grows from passion. A passion for that career and the people that populate it. This is exactly what defines Valley Nkgapele’s work ethic and the story of his business success. For Valley, he was born to work in the prepaid sub-metering industry where he loves the work, the customers and the companies that he works with.

“I had a three-year contract at a company and when it ended, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my career,” says Valley. “Then, I started to get lots of calls from people asking me to help them out with different jobs. I realised that this was an amazing way for me to grow my own business, and I’ve gone from strength to strength since then.”

Valley believes that there are two reasons why his business is doing so well – his love for the craft, and the work that he does. He gets referrals from happy clients, and he keeps loyal clients, because he pays attention to their needs and makes sure that the work he does for them is of a very high standard.

“I do the job properly,” he says. “I don’t do a half job that needs me to come back the next day to fix the problem, I am proud of my work and go the extra mile. I’m also honest – I think this is a really important part of customer service and is really important in this type of job. People need peace of mind and to know that the solution they’ve bought is the right one for them.”

This attitude has also shaped Valley’s relationship with Citiq Prepaid. For him, the quality of the prepaid sub-meters from Citiq Prepaid go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

“I like Citiq Prepaid sub-meters because most of my clients like them. They don’t complain about the quality and they like the way the unit works and how the charges are managed,” he says. “It gives them peace of mind so that’s an immediate win for me, plus I find them very easy to install.”

Valley loves his work, and he also enjoys being a member of the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) because, he says, “With the CIC I earn both sides!”

As a positive, upbeat and inspiring contractor, Valley Nkgapele is committed to customer service and passionate about his chosen career.  He has no limits when it comes to helping people out, and is committed to maintaining his relationship with Citiq Prepaid and the CIC well into the future. 

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