Prepaid Water Meters Johannesburg

When it comes to prepaid water meters in Johannesburg, Citiq Prepaid can provide you with a complete solution. Our prepaid water meters are of the highest standard, while our STS certified prepaid vending system means that topping up with tokens is quick and simple. More and more landlords, developers and property managers are moving to prepaid water meters due to the incredible benefits they offer. When prepaid meters are installed, tenants will have to pay for the utilities upfront, which leads to better cash flow as well as no nasty surprises at the end of the month. This automatically prevents arguments with tenants over usage and cost, as well as removes the admin involved in having to bill the relevant parties. This also puts control in the tenant’s hands, as the tenant is able to easily manage their usage and cost, without the landlord being at risk.

When it comes to purchasing tokens for the prepaid meter, it can easily be done via a number of portals, both online and at retail outlets at any time of the day. A call centre is also available to deal with any prepaid token queries and consumer assistance.

Contact Citiq Prepaid now to discuss installation of prepaid water meters in Johannesburg.

Take control of collecting tenant utility bills today!

Citiq Prepaid is the leading prepaid meter and vending system provider for landlords in Johannesburg. The unique vending system is the first of its kind and enables clients (both landlords, property owners, developers and managing agents as well as tenants) to access detailed reports to track and manage utility consumption efficiently. Contact Citiq Prepaid now to find out more about installation and purchasing of prepaid water meters in Johannesburg.

Why Citiq Prepaid?

Easy to Install

Simple to Buy

Reliable Funds Collection

Painless to Switch

What are the current water restrictions for Johannesburg?

The City of Joburg has implemented level 1 water restrictions as of December 2019. A prepaid water meter installation goes a great length in helping you save water, but also knowing exactly how much you’re using, or even limiting water at certain hours of the day. Find out more about the current water restrictions in City of Joburg here.

Water Meter Suppliers in Johannesburg

The Citiq Prepaid water meters are widely used across the larger Gauteng metropole and are approved by the City. There are many water meter suppliers that stock the Citiq Prepaid water meters. For a full list of approved suppliers, please get in touch for our vendor list.

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