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What is one thing that every landlord wants? The answer is probably, ‘less admin’. Landlords and property owners want to spend less time dealing with admin, fraud, complexity and problems. They would like solutions that help them maximise tenant delight while minimising issues. One area that tends to be the proverbial thorn in the landlord’s foot is utility management. Utilities come with their own complexities and challenges, some introduced by discrepancies in meter reading or municipality billing; others by shared usage complaints or late invoicing. According to Michael Franze, Managing Director at Citiq Prepaid, most landlords had had to manage irate tenants or expensive non-payments at some point, and that point is never in their favour.

“If tenants refuse to pay because they disagree with the way the billing was handled, or if you are held liable for a huge water leak that went undetected, it can put a lot of pressure on your bank accounts and profit margins, not to mention your time,” he adds. “This is why prepaid sub-meters are proving invaluable tools for landlords and property owners across the country – they are reliable, tamper-protected, and secure.”

Citiq Prepaid is one of South Africa’s most trusted prepaid sub-metering companies, ensuring that tenants pay for their water and power safely and on time. This prepaid system allows for tenants to buy prepaid tokens upfront so they are in control of their usage and spend while paying the landlord so that their payments to the council are on time.

“We have one of the biggest networks to safely purchase tokens online and in-store and we’ve paid attention to making these as accessible as possible,” says Franze. “In addition, both tenants and landlords gain access to our online platform that ensures transparency and control. If there is a water leak, it will be detected quickly and before any unnecessary costs are incurred. We have developed a prepaid sub-meter system that supports the landlord, property owner and tenant on every level.”

Citiq Prepaid has two call centres that offer expert support with a passionate team of people who are committed to ensuring that problems are swiftly resolved. The online platform is dedicated to ensuring everyone has absolute visibility and control, and the meters are of exceptional quality to minimise fraud and tampering. Citiq Prepaid is trusted and transparent – and will give every landlord and property owner what they want – less admin. 

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