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Start small. Aim big. Achieve your dream

Any electrical contractor can take their business to the next level. Starting out is often a journey of learning as you discover how to work with clients, what areas of the industry you enjoy the most, and identifying the gaps where you think you can grow. It takes hard work, determination, an attitude of constant learning, and the ability to build relationships. Collaborating with other people and organisations is key to your success as they can help you to build your network, expand your horizons, and learn more about your business. 

“Start small but think big,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “There is so much opportunity for an electrical contractor who’s willing to expand their horizons and find new ways of working. You just need to have a vision of what you would like your business to look like and a platform from which to start.” 

Citiq Prepaid has worked closely with numerous small businesses over the years. Two of them – Go Go Green Electrical and ARK Electrical – have already felt the benefits of working with the company. Go Go Green Electrical started out as a small husband and wife team and is now working closely with Citiq Prepaid to expand its sub-metering offering into the townships. This move has not only supported the growth of the company, but has helped them with their vision of giving back to their community. 

“Citiq Prepaid were unbelievably willing to help us,” says Tebogo Mabena, co-founder of Go Go Green Electrical. “They offered to brand our bakkie, which has helped bring us a lot of customers, and they gave us marketing materials to use in collaboration with them as we work with townships and malls. They provide exceptional support, always call us back, and really are just easier to work with overall.”

For Mabena, Citiq Prepaid’s lower service fees and the accessibility of the electricity tokens for the meters were huge advantages. It meant that he had less admin and happier customers. Citiq Prepaid prides itself on helping contractors build their companies and take them to the next level. On top of providing branding, support and accessible sub-metering solutions, Citiq Prepaid runs the Citiq Installation Club (CIC). An industry first, this loyalty program rewards contractors for their hard work. 

“The CIC is designed to recognise the hard work that the electrical contractor puts into their job, every single day,” says Scheepers. “It also provides financial rewards to contractors through a points system – once they get 20 points, they receive a R500 voucher to spend at their preferred wholesaler or retailer.” 

Citiq Prepaid recognises the hard work that goes into building a business and has structured its portfolio to be as admin friendly as possible. After all, nobody likes admin. The company ensures that contractors who partner with them are provided with support, information, guidance, ongoing learning, opportunities, and reliable products. Every aspect of the company is driven by people, relationships and quality. 

“We believe in empowering the people who work with us,” concludes Scheepers. “Not only have we helped build Go Go Green Electrical, but we’ve worked with ARK Electrical on a project that has transformed a development and reshaped the way its tenants managed their power.” 

Find out next month how Citiq Prepaid and ARK Electrical built the electrical backbone of a development in Port Elizabeth.

This article was published in Sparks Electrical News

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