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Stocking Citiq Prepaid Meters has Never been Easier

Stocking Citiq Prepaid Meters has never been easier

In recent years, the shift to using prepaid meters has been exceptionally high. Citiq Prepaid Meters are being used everywhere where landlords have tenants. From large inner-city flat projects with hundreds of units down to single-tenant backyards in Tembisa – you are guaranteed to find prepaid meters.

Citiq Prepaid is South Africa’s premier prepaid meter and vending system, provider. Having pioneered a vending system that is the first of its kind, Citiq Prepaid has revolutionised the recovery of utility payments. The unique vending system provides clients (landlords, property owners, developers, managing agents and tenants) access to detailed consumption reports that put the power of managing their utility accounts back into their own hands.

Stocking Citiq prepaid meters in your hardware or retail stores has never been easier, take a look at our available products below and contact our distribution partner for information around costing and logistics.


We offer various types of prepaid meters:

Single phase electricity meters

    • The Cashpower Gem Lite is a compact single phase, two wire, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a British Standard (BS) housing. The meter is suitable for new installations or retrofitting of existing bottom connected electromechanical or electronic watt-hour meters.
    • The Hexing HXE115-KP is a single phase, two wire keypad, prepayment meter with a compact design and complies with STS open standards (STS and DLMS). Pairing the Hexing meter with a Hexing Data Concentrator will allow for additional online functionality.

Three phase electricity meters

  • The Cashpower Gemini Three Phase meter is a four-wire 100 Amp per phase, keypad-based prepayment meter in a compact BS housing. The meter is suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial environments.

Water Meters

  • The Utility Systems water management device, the WMD, is a remote communicating electronic water control valve. When linked to a pulse output water meter, the WMD enables two-way communication, configuration and valve control as well as the option for STS-approved prepaid water supply.


Purchase Citiq Prepaid Meters:

Citiq Prepaid meters are available at all reputable electrical and hardware stores throughout South Africa. If you cannot find Citiq Prepaid meters, please get in touch with our passionate business development team: Contact a Citiq Prepaid Business Development Manager in your Area:

Contact a Citiq Prepaid Business Development Manager in your Area:
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