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Reduce your carbon footprint with effective sub-meter management that saves the planet and the bottom line

The realities of climate change are being felt all over the world. It has become incredibly important for individuals and organisations to play a role in reducing their impact on the environment and to help offset the damage already done to the planet. It’s a complex conversation but green thinking can be introduced systematically, every investment making a difference along the way. One such investment happens to be in submetering solutions as these have had a proven impact on reducing excessive utility usage, improving usage behaviours and thereby having a long-term positive impact on the environment.

 “When a tenant or a user has unlimited access to power through the use of a shared master meter they tend to be less cautious with their usage and the items that they use,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “They have no reason to invest into an energy-efficient air-conditioning system or refrigerator; to reduce or stop their use of tumble dryers; or to invest into low-watt bulbs or more energy-aware solutions. They continue to use energy inefficient devices that suck up power and cost money because it makes no substantive difference to their lives.”

 This can be changed and the electrical contractor has the opportunity to stand at the forefront of this change. The sub-metering market allows for the electrical contractor to develop their own green credentials while enhancing those of their customers. By recommending the installation of a sub-metering system at a client’s office park, retail complex, or residential development they are providing owners and estate managers with the ability to add even more value to their offering.

 “If you consider how competitive the market is right now, property owners and estate managers are hungry for value-added services and solutions to help them stand out in front of potential customers,” explains Scheepers. “Through the use of a reliable and trusted sub-metering system, they can demonstrate to their customers how sub-metering enhances green credentials and makes a tangible difference to the carbon footprint of their properties.”

 In addition to inspiring tenants and owners to invest into greener solutions for the home, sub-metering reduces the excessive use of power by placing the numbers directly in front of the users. When people can see how much they are spending then they are more likely to modify their behaviours and adjust their utility usage. This is of immense benefit to the environment as reduced electricity means improved consumption all the way up the value chain from the user to the power plant and, ultimately, reduced carbon emissions.

“Not only does sub-metering ensure that electricity usage is fair, it really does allow for deeper control over how you approach your green credentials,” concludes Scheepers.  “It allows for improved energy efficiency and it is recognised as a powerful tool in showcasing a building’s sustainability and environmental credentials.”

 Citiq Prepaid is a market leader in the development and provision of sub-metering solutions. Working closely with electrical contractors, the company provides support, transparent billing, online reporting and high-quality hardware that ensures every step of the process is as easy and efficient as possible. Citiq Prepaid offers sub-metering solutions that boost green credentials through increased visibility and absolute control over utility usage and spend. This is why it is one of the most popular choices for landlords, tenants and homeowners in the country.

This article appeared in Sparks Electrical News

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