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The Citiq Installation Club – an innovative programme rewarding electrical contractor loyalty

There are very few loyalty programmes that financially reward every partner at every level –  until now. The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) is the first rewards programme of its kind, designed to recognise the hard work that you do as a wholesaler, retailer or contractor. No matter what your role, Citiq Prepaid, a leader in prepaid sub-metering vending in South Africa, has a reward for you. The CIC reward programme uses a points-based system that’s easy to understand, and that offers fantastic rewards to anyone who joins in.

“The past year has seen our company achieve impressive growth with a 48% year-on-year increase in meter installations across the country – a growth trajectory that we believe is due to the work and support of our wholesalers, retailers and contractors,” says Carel Scheepers, National Sales Manager at Citiq Prepaid. “We launched the CIC in July 2018 to give back to our partners because we know that great installations deserve great rewards.”

The financial benefit

The CIC rewards programme offers its partners rewards for the meters sold and registered on the system. If you are an installer or electrical contractor, you will receive points for every meter registered on the Citiq Prepaid system. Once you have reached a certain number of points , you will receive a voucher to spend at your preferred wholesaler or retailer. For the wholesaler and retailer, the benefit is in receiving the funds from Citiq Prepaid’s vouchers in stores.

The programme has been a remarkable success so far. Our first voucher being paid in just two weeks after the programme launch. To date, the programme has paid out more than R10,000. Wholesalers and Electrical Retailers country wide have registered for the CIC, an easy process designed to take up as little time and effort as possible.

“We know that our contractors and retailers already have busy, admin-intensive lives, so we created a rewards programme that’s easy to join and understand,” says Scheepers. “We are rewarding you for what you are doing anyway – selling and installing Citiq Prepaid meters – but we are doing it in a way that makes a difference.  We offer you business leads from our call centre as part of our CIC value-add as well!”

The CIC also provides product information and technical support to help you get the most out of your experience with Citiq Prepaid. To find out more and start earning rewards, visit or call 087 55 111 55 to sign up.

First published in the ECA Magazine January / February 2019 issue.

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