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The right technology and toolkits are critical for the electrical contractor industry. You want to work with solutions that are trustworthy, high quality and innovative. You want to collaborate with companies that offer support, transparency and innovative solutions. Fortunately, these are not hard to find… 

“Citiq Prepaid set itself a challenge in 2020 – to reimagine utility management for electrical contractors and the industry,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “To turn the humble prepaid sub-meter into a device that excites, inspires and amazes those who use and install them. And to show the industry exactly how much power and control they can get over their utility management with our solutions, online platforms, and support network.” 

It’s not an impossible challenge. Prepaid sub-metering has continued to grow in popularity across South Africa thanks to the control and visibility these solutions give to customers, whether they are tenants, landlords or property owners. High-quality prepaid sub-meters are reliable, tamper-proof, accessible and easy to use, ensuring that contractors can implement a solution at any location for anyone to use and manage. They have also evolved with smart meters now becoming a reality, offering even more granular control over utilities. 

“This has become an incredibly exciting space, especially for electrical contractors,” says Scheepers. “They can now work closely with customers to embed intelligent utility management solutions that deliver long-term results and that can be trusted to minimise admin, reduce the risk of fraud, and improve utility service provision. With modern, quality prepaid sub-meters, contractors put power and control at their fingertips.” 

Citiq Prepaid works closely with electrical contractors to provide them with support and services that make their investment into installing prepaid sub-meters one that pays off. The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) is designed specifically for electrical contractors, rewarding loyalty financially and connecting Citiq Prepaid electrical contractors with customers that need help. There are also two call centres, manned with trained and professional staff who are committed to excellent service and short waiting times. This is further supported by a website packed with the latest information and insights for the electrical contractor, videos, articles and blog posts. 

“Over the next year, Citiq Prepaid will be launching new innovations and advancements in the prepaid sub-metering market as part of our commitment to challenging the status quo and reinvigorating the industry,” concludes Scheepers. “These are exciting times for us, and for the electrical contractor community.”

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