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What defines differentiation?

Differentiation. It’s a word that has risen to the surface over the course of 2020. A word that has marked the rapid race of sector, company and industry to reinvent their offerings and refocus their customer markets in the wake of global shutdowns and economic uncertainty. Those that have succeeded, have built new foundations and revenue streams and carved opportunities out of complexity. However, this is not an easy road to travel, particularly for the property industry that’s faced severe downturns thanks to the prohibitions on travel, be it business or personal.

“Differentiation for the property sector during this period has been challenging,” says Michael Franze, CEO of Citiq Prepaid. “The market has had to reshape health and safety parameters, reinvent offerings, and redefine market conversations. Property owners have had to ask the hard question – what do people want now?”

What people want is to access spaces that follow rigorous COVID-19 guidelines, that offer minimal contact with other people, and that ask minimal time from them. They don’t want admin and they definitely don’t want complexity. For properties in commercial, travel and residential spaces, this is an opportunity to invest in solutions that offer them that all important edge. Solutions that minimise contact, manage admin, and reduce hassle.

“Citiq Prepaid’s sub-metering solutions are incredibly high quality and they immediately reduce admin and personal contact,” concludes Franze. “Whether a full-time tenant, a retail outlet, or a traveller, these prepaid sub-meters are pay-as-you-go so tenants can recharge their utilities using their mobile devices or online. No contact with a manager or agent needed.”

Want to differentiate? Set aside traditional utility management in favour of solutions that make life easier. In a world defined by differentiation, Citiq Prepaid’s sub-meters remove bill shock and unexpected water leaks, and unnecessary human contact. Online and easy to use, these sub-metering solutions refine offerings and redefine how the sector engages with its customers.

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