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Why it’s so important to be registered with the Department of Labour (DOL)

Electrical contractors in South Africa are required by law to register with the Department of Labour (DOL). This is to ensure that electrical installation work is performed by accredited persons, meets minimum safety standards and complies with relevant legislation and regulations.

Being registered with the DOL, you will be able to do electrical installation work, either working for a company, or as your own business. It opens doors and opportunities, and it is a very valuable certification in a market that’s desperate for qualified, skilled electricians.

Many residential property and commercial building owners insist on only using electricians with a DOL number. They understand that electricians are only legally recognised as qualified contractors when they have their Wireman’s License and a DOL Registration Certificate. It’s also important to know that only DOL registered electricians can issue a COC (Certificate of Compliance). An Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) or COC certificate (COC) is a legal document also known as a compliance certificate. This document verifies the electrical installation at a specific premise on a specific inspection date and is compliant with all the legal requirements as stipulated in the Electrical Installations Occupational Health and Safety Act.

We are aware that the registration process can sometimes take too long and that may deter you. The Electrical Contractors Association of South African recently announced that they process Department of Employment and Labour registrations for all electrical contractors including members and non-members.

The ECA understands that time is money and time waiting in queues is a waste of time and money for hard-working electrical contractors.

For an admin fee of R150, the ECA’s offices will renew your electrical contractor registration with DoL – plus the annual (per Regulation EIR 6(2)) fee per Regulation 6(3), no matter where you are in South Africa. Note that the complete amount must be paid to the ECA, who will then transfer the relevant amount to the Department. For more information and to confirm the procedure and payment, contact your regional ECA office. More details can be found here.

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