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Why landlords should switch to prepaid electricity

Why Landlords should switch to prepaid electricity

Electricity is a necessity and it is inconceivable to rent out a property without providing prepaid electricity services. Yet, when some tenants don’t pay the landlord has to carry the tab and with the electricity price constantly going up this risk is becoming greater all the time

Citiq Prepaid has been providing South Africa with prepaid electricity solutions for nearly ten years. We are constantly working to provide the best service and convenience to landlords and their tenants.

Prepaid electricity meters reduces the risk of tenants not paying their electricity bills, removing one source of uncertainty for landlords. Tenants benefit too since they now have more control over their consumption and insight into what is driving their electricity consumption – removing the risk of an unaffordable postpaid electricity bill. Prepaid electricity collection ensures that landlords receive the funds to pay for the electricity consumed by their tenants. It means landlords no longer need to engage in debt collection companies to recover their electricity utility accounts. Citiq Prepaid offers Landlords and Tenants detailed management reports, available online.

How to switch to Citiq Prepaid

Step One – Contact your service provider and inform them that you would like to switch and request a key change. Your service provider may charge you for this, and you will need to pay them directly. Once you have successfully paid for the key change, your service provider will give you a key change token. Keep this safe! – The next step is to contact Citiq Prepaid on the same day!

Step Two – Call Citiq Prepaid on 087 55 111 55 or email and let us know you’re switching to us. Our friendly call centre will talk you through the switching process. Once your details have been captured and confirmed, we will provide you with a second key change token.

Step Three – Punch in your first key change number (from step one) into your meter and then punch in your second key change number (from Citiq Prepaid) into the meter.

Congratulations, you have successfully switched to Citiq Prepaid. You can now register for the Citiq Prepaid Meter Management System to purchase tokens immediately. Call us on 087 55 111 55 to register!

Remember, the switching process needs to all happen on the same day to ensure your meter works efficiently. Please note that it can take up to two days for the meter to register as “switched” with our Citiq Prepaid vending partners. This means that you should ideally have enough units on the meter for 2-3 days in case you’re unable to purchase tokens at our vending partners.


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