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You are the most important asset in your business, right now.

Running your own business can be fun, interesting and varied. It can also be challenging. You are the centre that holds your company together. You are the reason your employees come to work in the mornings and the reason why your customers keep coming back. When you have your own business as an electrical contractor it can be incredibly rewarding, but there is pressure on you to remain financially stable and capable of thriving in a complex economy. Your staff look to you for motivation and validation and your customers look to you for guidance and support. Your job is incredibly important in this industry and your role as leader and expert is of immense value.

“Don’t forget that even though you are running a company in incredibly strange times, there is an appreciation for what you do and you are of value,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “Electrical contractors are essential to the future of this economy and the role you play is pivotal in ensuring that people stay connected while they live and work from home.” 

Value is the central theme that underpins the Citiq Prepaid ethos as a company. Recognising the value in working with electrical contractors to provide customers with relevant and reliable solutions, and ensuring that we create value for our customers and contractors. This commitment has played a big part in how Citiq Prepaid has approached the development of its services. 

“The market is tough, it was tough before the pandemic, and it’s even tougher now. People want more – more control, more value, more service, just more everything,” says Scheepers. “This is understandable. It’s also an expectation that we’ve worked hard to meet so we already have a full range of solutions available for our contractors and customers to take advantage of right now.” 

Citiq Prepaid has invested into value-added services that are designed to deliver high-level customer care and that support electrical contractors as they work with the installation of Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. One of these services is the online portal. Designed to offer both the tenant and the landlord a bird’s eye view of usage and meters, it is an easily accessed tool that helps manage sub-metering and spend. The online portal doesn’t need a steep learning curve to understand or use, and it includes reports that can help people gain a deeper understanding of their utility usage and spend. 

“We have also invested into a loyalty programme for contractors that work with us,” says Scheepers. “The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) gives money back by rewarding contractors for the number of sub-metering solutions they install. When you’ve installed enough meters to get 20 points, you get a voucher that you can redeem at your preferred wholesaler. This system was designed to recognise the value of the contractor and wholesaler.” 

The value principle is further enhanced by the Citiq Prepaid support centre. Citiq Prepaid’s support is committed to speed and quality. Our call centre hours are weekdays between 7am and 8pm, and weekends and public holidays between 8am and 5pm – consistent support when you need it. The company has invested into creating a support network that can help contractors if they have concerns when installing the meters and that can guide customers through every step of the process if they’re using a sub-metering system for the first time. 

“Our goal has always been to be the most reliable, easiest and convenient way to access, control and provide electricity,” concludes Scheepers. “We work with our contractors to install and sell meter technology that never stops working, and we will always recognise the value that the electrical contractor adds to the industry.”

This article originally appeared in Sparks Magazine

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