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You get a reward. They get a reward. Everybody gets a reward!

The now-infamous Oprah Winfrey car giveaway where every person in the audience got to win a car was all about rewarding loyalty. It was the ultimate recognition of the value of her audience and giving them something magnificent as a form of thanks. While that particular loyalty system isn’t sustainable, the Citiq Installation Club definitely is. This loyalty system is designed to thank our suppliers and installers that are involved in our value chain. This loyalty programme was designed by electrical industry experts for electrical contractors and it’s structured so that every business and individual is recognised for their contribution to Citiq Prepaid. 

“We designed the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) to financially reward every partner at every level of the supply chain,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “It’s the first reward programme of its kind as it not only recognises the value of the electrical contractor, but it also the wholesaler and the installer. Using a points-based system that’s accessible and easy to use, the CIC is focused on giving something back to the channel because we believe that our success is entirely thanks to their hard work.” 

Launched in July 2018, the CIC has been successfully giving something back to its channel for two years with many partners appreciating the benefits that it brings to the proverbial table. The system has been structured to make it very easy for contractors and wholesalers to earn points and get rewards. For Scheepers, ease of use was critical when designing the platform. 

“We know that people are busy and that their lives are filled with admin and that they’re inundated with information and boxes to tick, so the CIC is sidestepping complexity in favour of simplicity,” he explains. “Contractors can join by visiting a wholesaler or electrical retail stockist of their choice, or by calling 087 55 111 55. Our call centre agents will talk you through the process and get you set up on the system in only a few minutes.” 

Wholesalers that are interested in benefitting from the CIC platform can either call the Citiq Prepaid call centre on the number above or, if you’re already a Citiq Prepaid member, log in at Once that’s done, your world of rewards awaits. The CIC offers you a variety of benefits dependent on your role. If you’re an electrical contractor, you will receive a R500 voucher to redeem at your selected wholesaler once you reach 20 points. You gain one point per Citiq Prepaid meter you install.  If you’re a wholesaler, then you get rewarded for every contractor that selects you as their preferred outlet. The more contractors that select you as their preferred wholesaler, the greater your opportunity for rewards.  

“The wholesaler and retailer benefits from the funds being brought into their stores by the contractors redeeming their reward vouchers while the contractors benefit because they get to spend up to R500,” says Scheepers. “The entire process has been designed to be as cyclical as possible, providing everyone in the value chain with mutual benefit and support.” 

The CIC has seen strong traction in the market since its inception and continues to grow thanks to its solid and reliable reward system and accessible registration process. Contractors have benefitted from the financial rewards while wholesalers have leveraged the loyalty programme to forge deeper relationships with their customers, the contractors. 

“We have a geographically distributed sales team that can provide you with ongoing support throughout your time with us and CIC,” concludes Scheepers. “Our call centres are a dedicated resource for our contractors to ensure that they receive excellent service and personalised care when they join the CIC.

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