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The Citiq Installation Club – defining the spirit of success

What defines the spirit of success? Is it perseverance? The ability to overcome a challenging market and keep on delivering exceptional customer service? Is it passion? A love for the work you do and the people you meet? Or is it partnerships? Working with people and organisations to build more, do more and move forward together? For Citiq Prepaid, it is every one of these qualities – perseverance, passion and partnership – and they are all embodied by the Citiq Installation Club (CIC).  

“This year may have started on shaky feet, but there is still so much opportunity and potential,” says Jaqueline Basson, CIC Loyalty Manager at Citiq Prepaid. “We need to work together to create success, to find the gaps in the market, and to explore new ways of working that ensure mutual success for all who are committed to growth in this industry.” 

Citiq Prepaid has long been focused on creating pathways to success, helping electrical contractors to achieve more and do more with their businesses. This is one of the foundations of the CIC, a loyalty programme designed specifically for contractors installing and recommending Citiq Prepaid meters.

“Citiq Prepaid were unbelievably willing to help us,” says Tebogo Mabena, co-founder of Go Go Green Electrical. “They helped bring us a lot of customers, and they gave us marketing materials to use in collaboration with them as we work with townships and malls. They provide exceptional support, always call us back, and really are just easier to work with overall.” 

This is a view shared by Pride Rugwete, one of the company’s top installers. Pride not only installed nearly 1,000 prepaid sub-meters in just five months, but he’s been supported by Citiq Prepaid throughout. 

“Working with Citiq Prepaid has meant that I don’t have to worry about my customers struggling to get support when they first register their devices, and the company has a really solid product that’s reliable and trusted,” he says. 

Both Pride and Tebogo are members of the CIC and have felt the benefits of being part of a programme that has their business and needs at heart. The CIC has core values that determine how it engages with members – values that recognise the importance of people in every transaction, moment and relationship. 

“We want to inspire our contractors, encourage them to achieve what they want and help them remain optimistic about the future,” says Basson. “We also want to instil a sense of confidence and self-belief by giving them the tools they need to maintain their business and their vision. This is then cemented by an authentic human and warm engagement with our contractors.” 

The CIC is very easy to join and manage. In under 30 minutes, contractors are registered and ready to go, immediately accessing the benefits of the programme. Contractors receive R500 for every 20 meters installed in the form of a voucher they can redeem at their preferred wholesaler. 

“The CIC not only offers tangible, financial rewards for hard work and loyalty, but it comes with extra features that make it worth your while,” concludes Basson. “We are well on our way to creating the largest installer database in the country, and we will continue to refine and shape our services to ensure that every one of our contractors feels that they are part of a family. A trusted family.”

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