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We help thousands of Landlords every day recover electricity from tenants using prepaid meters

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Citiq Prepaid provides a seamless recovery service to Landlords wanting to recover electricity (or other service payments) from their tenants.

Citiq Prepaid leads the prepaid vending industry in South Africa with its commitment to Industry Best Practice, and the provision of a stable, reliable and trustworthy vending service.

The collection and handling of funds, as well as the monthly repayments to Landlords, is strictly controlled, fully reliable and extremely secure.

All funds recovered for Landlords are deposited in a Trust Account before being paid to the Landlord’s nominated account, once monthly.

Citiq Prepaid staff are available 7 days a week to support Landlords.


Citiq Prepaid is proud of its proprietary token vending & funds recovery system.

The system flexibility allows us to provide Landlords with innovative solutions to their recovery problems.

Landlords also have access to a wide array of reports and other tools to manage their tenants’ usage, via a login on this website

At Citiq Prepaid, innovation and dynamism is part of our DNA. We are already South Africa’s leading sub-let recovery company, and are extending our innovative approach to farms and micro municipalities. We also offer more complex, bespoke solutions for Managing Agents, Larger Landlords, and Body Corporates (click here for more info)

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Citiq Prepaid offers the widest network of token re-charge points of any prepaid provider in South Africa

Tenants may purchase their re-charge tokens at any one of our 80,000 vendors country-wide.

Please click here for a list of our token vending partners.

We have a National Help Desk open 7 days a week to help Tenants who cannot find their closest vendor, or are struggling to buy a token.

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Specialised Services


In addition to providing a general electricity recovery service for all landlords, Citiq Prepaid also offers some specialised services for specific types of clients. These specialised services have been tailored to the individual needs of these sectors and will not be suitable for everyone.

Managing Agents

Managing Agents manage properties on behalf of landlords and so need specific reporting capabilities, as well as multi-client payment options. Read more...

Large Landlords

Large Landlords need tools to manage a large portfolio of multi-unit dwellings, as well as consolidated reports and query tracking. Read more...

Body Corporates

Body Corporates are supported through multi-user access and per-meter reporting to allow the Body Corporate to report back to the individual owners of a Sectional Title Development. Read more...


Farmers typically provide electricity services to their workers and need the facility to self-service prepaid electricity tokens.


Small Municipalities need an efficient, compact prepaid vending system that can be deployed without any additional hardware or IT support.



About Us

About Citiq Prepaid

Citiq Prepaid has been in operation since 2010 and provides utility vending and cash collection services to landlords, property managers and developers. 

Citiq Prepaid has grown out of Citiq as a value add service to the property business and now offers services to anyone that requires a prepaid utility collections solution, not just in Gauteng, but countrywide.

Citiq Prepaid is a subsidiary of Citiq (Pty) Ltd, a highly respected and innovative property investment and management company that procures and manages property assets in excess of R 1 billion currently. 

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Citiq Prepaid Offering

Citiq Prepaid uses a uniquely self-developed proprietary token vending and funds recovery system. Aside from STS Association approved vending, the system provides comprehensive information management and reporting that significantly reduces the risk and complexity of utility collections for our clients. The system is deployed on our own servers with full national redundancy.

Citiq Prepaid has partnered with leading payment service providers such as Blue Label and Easypay to provide the widest network of token re-charge points of any prepaid provider in South Africa. 

All funds are kept in a separate, structured Trust Account. 

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