Citiq Prepaid Vending Systems

Easy to install. Simple to buy. Effortless to recoup.
Painless to switch.

Citiq Prepaid has been designed for simplicity. We have perfected our processes to ensure that tenants can buy electricity and water tokens easily and property owners can recoup costs effortlessly.

The entire Citiq Prepaid vending system from our call centre and online portal to national recharge network and meter installation club is purpose-built for painless utility purchasing, recovering and tracking.



Finding ways to make your life easier drives us. We continuously look for ways to improve sub-metering prepaid services for everyone from the electrical installers, to property managers and owners to tenants.

Our proprietary vending system includes an online portal to track your consumption, purchase tokens directly and download detailed reports.

We pride ourselves on our pioneering technology and thinking since 2010.


Buying electricity with us is easy, immediate and convenient. We have built the largest and widest network of re-charge points in South Africa.

You can also buy electricity tokens online through our payment partners or directly using our online portal.  

Our national help desk is available 7 days a week to answer any questions relating to our products from how to buy a token to how to install a meter.


Power and water are non-negotiable for the effective functioning of our lives so the sub-metering system that provides access needs to be as reliable as possible.

Our hardware is top quality, our software is proprietary and our help desk is here 7 days a week.

We take care of the details from token purchasing to payment recovery for property owners, managers and tenants so that bills get paid and the lights literally stay on.


Our prepaid partner network are well-known distributor networks, component and software providers that ensure our products and services are top quality.




We have a wide network of vendors where Citiq Prepaid electricity tokens can be purchased. These include popular retail outlets and stores, and online systems including online banking.