Citiq Installation Club

Citiq Installation Club

The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) is a loyalty programme that rewards wholesalers and contractors for buying, selling and installing Citiq Prepaid meters. Join the CIC and earn rewards.


Contractors that sign up for the CIC earn points for every Citiq Prepaid meter that they install. Contractors can add installers that install meters on behalf of their business under their CIC ID, meaning that each meter installed by an installer links back to the contractor’s CIC account. For each Citiq Prepaid meter purchased, contractors earn points that once accumulated result in a voucher reward which can be redeemed at their preferred wholesaler.

Wholesalers that register for the CIC become preferred wholesalers for the programme. Preferred wholesalers earn points and cash rewards for both every meter sold to contractors registered in the CIC and for every contractor that selects them as their preferred wholesaler. Contractors can then redeem the vouchers they earn in the programme back at their preferred wholesalers, contributing to more sales for the wholesalers. Wholesalers can earn rewards for each unique contractor that selects them as a preferred wholesaler.


Wholesalers can register to join the Citiq Installation Club by phoning the Citiq Prepaid call centre (087 55 111 55). Rewards can be earned by encouraging contractors to register via the call centre and selecting you as their preferred wholesaler.

For each verified contractor that signs up with you as their preferred wholesaler, cash rewards will be paid into you specified bank account by 31 July 2018*. For the Citiq Installation Club pilot, which ends on 30 June 2018, R200 will be earned by wholesalers for individual contractors that register them as their preferred wholesaler.

Citiq Prepaid will send a statement with a list of all the contractors’ details to the wholesalers in order for them to invoice us.

*Dates subject to change based on launch date.

Contractors can register to join the Citiq Installation Club in two ways: 1) By phoning the Citiq Prepaid call centre on 087 55 111 55, or 2) By signing up in-store at their preferred wholesaler.

Individual installers installing Citiq Prepaid meters for your company will need to also be signed-up by you as they will be registered under your CIC account. Buy Citiq Prepaid meters and start earning points for every meter installed today.

Contractors qualify for 10 points upon first purchase of a Citiq Prepaid meter when registering for the Citiq Installer Club programme through a registered wholesaler. Every subsequent meter counts for 1 point. Once 20 points are earned, a discount voucher worth R500 at their preferred wholesaler will be rewarded. Vouchers will be sent via email.

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