Join Our Team in Cape Town!


Join the team at Citiq Prepaid and help shape the future of FinTech!

Join our team as a mid-level full-stack developer and lead the way in revolutionizing payment channels with cutting-edge technology.
Our company, based in Cape Town, offers opportunities to drive innovation and impact the industry.

Why Work for Us? 

🌟 FinTech Excellence: Drive cutting-edge software projects in Python, Golang, TypeScript, and Angular, maintaining backend services and interfaces. 

🔍 Technical Leadership: Utilize 6+ years of expertise to lead code development, mentor junior developers, and collaborate on strategic FinTech initiatives. 

🌐 Impactful Projects: Spearheaded projects like implementing IoT (Internet of Things) for smart meters and driving the new focus on mobile development. 

🌱 Growth Opportunities: Prioritize experience over degrees, enhance your web development REST APIs knowledge, and contribute to the FinTech revolution. 

Your Impact: 

💻 Code Mastery: Develop high-quality code, ensure system upkeep, and actively participate in code reviews. 

🤝 Collaboration: Engage in collaborative learning, support junior developers, and lead by example in a positive team environment. 

💡FinTech Expertise: Lead backend and frontend services, serving tenants, landlords, and the largest client, the call centre. 

Your Skills: 

🔧 Technological Proficiency: Python, Flutter (Dart), Angular (TypeScript), and Golang programming. 

💡 FinTech Knowledge: Web development principles (REST), Software Development Life Cycle, Git versioning, and Flutter (beneficial). 

Are you looking for a dynamic and innovative FinTech environment?

Apply Now and Redefine Specialized Payment Channels! 🚀✨

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