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The Citiq Prepaid Tenant App

The first-ever Citiq Prepaid Tenant App is almost done and we are very excited to be sharing it with our team first. The app works on IOS and Android devices and allows tenants to easily and safely buy tokens from their phone. They can also view purchase history, and use the nifty tariff calculator to calculate spend.

Before we release the app to all tenants we wanted to share it with our team first.
Please familiarise yourself with the app and give us your feedback on what we can improve on.
Find out more about the App by accessing this document: Tenant App details for Citiq Prepaid team


Android Users: 

  1. Click on the link to access the app file: APP File 
  2. Once the file opens, click on the App file. 
  3. Your phone will ask you to install it with Package installer. 
  4. Click on Package installer. 
  5. Your phone will inform you that it cannot install an app from unknown sources and it will give you an option to change that in your settings. 
  6. Click on your settings and allow install apps from this source. 
  7. After enabling the source go/click back. 
  8. Click on install. 
  9. If you see a warning that the app is blocked by play protect, click on install anyway and click on don’t send if asked to send a report.
  10. You can click on open once the install is complete to start the App.


IOS Users: 

  1. Please give us your email (that is linked to your apple account) and full name here: Name & Email Address
  2. Search for and install the testflight app onto your apple device from the APP store. 
  3. You will receive an email from App connect ( 
  4. Click on the button inside the email which says ViewIn TestFlight.
  5. Test flight will open and show you our app. 
  6. Click on the app and hit install. 
  7. Click open. 


We would appreciate your feedback regarding your experience of using the tenant mobile app for the first time. This feedback will be used to identify and resolve any issues and make a list of future improvements.

Submit your feedback by accessing this document: Mobile App Feedback

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