The Citiq Installation Club is a loyalty program for electricians, contractors and plumbers that buy and install Citiq Prepaid water and electricity meters. To join the club, after purchasing a Citiq Prepaid meter, it needs to be registered either on our website or by phoning our call centre. Once the meter is installed and registered, Citiq Prepaid can receive feedback on where it was installed (and buildings the installer has installed at), who it was installed for (which will contribute to the installer’s own client list) and thus their overall performance – which will influence the installer’s rating on our Installer Club website.

Installer loyalty is measured by the number of meters installed and feedback from satisfied clients, which is then quantified by their rating on the Installers Club website. Standout installers, those being installers with a rating of 4.5 (out of 5) and above, not only form part of our Citiq Prepaid installers list but our PREFERRED installers list. Our preferred installers are the installers we recommend to our clients and distributors.

Installer loyalty is rewarded by Citiq Prepaid. For every meter that is installed and registered, the installer receives a point. Once they have 100 points, they receive a cash voucher for their preferred Citiq Prepaid wholesaler.

Purchase, register and install a Citiq Prepaid meter and join the Citiq Installation Club today!

How do I install a meter
If a non-Citiq Prepaid client, with a different submeter prepaid company, wants to join the Citiq Prepaid family but does not know how to, they need not worry. Citiq Prepaid offers a service that allows clients-to-be to move their current prepaid meters to Citiq Prepaid meters.

Our expert sales team can provide you with a quote for the move, any additional work that may be required and then organise an on-site inspection so that a more detailed quote can be provided. Citiq Prepaid offers a service for the installation of its single phase and three phase meters so we are there to guide you right from changing your meter to enjoying the comfort of our service.

Meter Registration / Support Queries:
087 55 111 55