Prepaid Electricity Meters in Durban

Prepaid electricity meters in Durban are available through Citiq Prepaid. We stock high quality prepaid meters as well as boast a reliable vending system – that allows for electricity tokens to be bought without hassle either online or at various retail stores. Prepaid meters in Durban are becoming the preferred choice for many landlords, home owners and property managers due to the many benefits on offer.

Going prepaid for landlords ensures that they never get stuck with unexpected costs, or end up in disputes with tenants over excessive usage. Tenants are also able to actively monitor their usage and can load electricity as required – without having to guess what the final cost will be. Overall, choosing to use prepaid meters will prevent debt collecting of utility payments, extra administration with the municipality, and result in lowered usage.

Contact Citiq Prepaid regarding prepaid electricity meter installation in Durban, or for more information on any of our other products and services.