Prepaid Electricity Meters in Johannesburg

When looking for high quality prepaid electricity meters in Johannesburg, Citiq Prepaid has you covered. We offer landlords and property managers the chance to prevent issues in regard to monthly utility costs at the properties they have rented out. Prepaid electricity meters take away the guesswork for both owners and tenants, which could result in payment problems and unnecessary costs. Once a tenant over spends, the owner could be put in a position where they have to cover the payment and could struggle to recover the costs.

Choosing to install prepaid meters allows the tenant to control their usage, which lets them stay within budget and gives the owner complete peace of mind. Our prepaid vending system also makes it easy for tenants to buy electricity tokens online, or at various retail stores across the county.

Contact one of our friendly consultants now to discuss installing prepaid meters in Johannesburg, or for more information on any of our other products or services.