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Prepaid Meters

Citiq Prepaid provides effective and reliable prepaid electricity and water meter solutions in South Africa – at affordable prices. The prepaid meters are come from some of the top manufacturers in the country, while our STS certified prepaid vending system offers supreme convenience.

Clients will easily be able to purchase tokens for their prepaid electricity and water meters online, or at various retail outlets around the country.There are numerous benefits to choosing prepaid meters in South Africa – which is why many landlords, property managers and developers have turned to Citiq Prepaid for prepaid meter installation

For landlords, you will instantly eliminate the need to constantly hassle for utility payments or make use of collection services. The system also allows for simple utility management with reports available online, ensuring that you are always up to date with utility usage on your property. Tenants of the property can easily monitor their usage through the month to make sure that they don’t exceed their budget.

Contact us to discuss our prepaid meter solutions, or find a stockist or contractor now.

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