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Prepaid Water Meters

Saving water has become more crucial than ever. Not only in South Africa, but at a global scale.

Installing Prepaid water meters can help conserve water.

Prepaid water meters do this by controlling water usage.
In South Africa it is difficult to read your own meter, sometimes they are obstructed, and sometimes the local municipality takes an average and not the actual use for that month. This means you could end up paying more than you expect. Having “prepaid water” means that the consumer purchases water credit in the form of a prepaid water token, similar to how you purchase prepaid electricity. When entered into the User Interface Unit (located in the consumer’s home), the token instructs the water management device to allow a certain amount of water through the meter before closing. This way you, as a tenant or landlord, can control how much water is allocated for a specific amount of time – whether weekly or monthly. It will help you budget better, and also give you a far better idea as to how much water you’re really using.

When choosing to install prepaid water meters through Citiq Prepaid, you can be sure that you will be getting a high quality product as well as extensive support. A prepaid water meter offers landlords, property managers and developers the chance to put utility management in their hands, and not leave them prone to surprise costs. Water meters are often judged on average use, while there have been countless reports of misread meters which can lead to high costs and time wasted sorting out bills.

Better Tracking Through Water Usage Management Device

It is also very difficult for tenants to judge their water usage, while in hotter parts of the country, watering gardens and mismanaging swimming pools can lead to excessive use. A prepaid water meter will ensure that the tenant remains within their budget, and prevents any large and unexpected utility bills at month end. Added to this, tokens for our meters are easily purchased via an online portal, or at retail outlets around the country.

Prepaid Water Prices
The cost of the prepaid water management devices are upwards of R2,000, but the prepaid water prices are no different to what you would normally pay your municipality. You just have far more control over your usage.

Citiq Prepaid Water Meters are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or nationwide. Contact Citiq Prepaid now and we will gladly assist in providing more information on our prepaid water meters, as well as handle any queries you may have.

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