Contractors & Electricians

Contractors – Buy & Install Quality Prepaid Meter Products

Contractors, electricians and plumbers are at the centre of Citiq Prepaid’s business as they bring the power of innovative, reliable and convenient utility metering into homes and businesses across South Africa.

Benefits – Prepaid Meter Discounts & Loyalty Program

We launched a loyalty programme, the Citiq Installation Club (CIC), in 2018 to reward contractors who choose to install Citiq Prepaid’s quality meters.

The CIC programme offers registered contractors two significant benefits.

  1. Firstly, points are received for every meter installed and registered on the Citiq Prepaid system. Once you have reached 20 points, a cash voucher to be redeemed at any Citiq Prepaid wholesaler is issued.
  2. Secondly, contractors can become part of Citiq Prepaid’s “Preferred Installer” list (rolling out early 2019) and are proactively recommended to customers. Our call centre receives over 40 000 calls and emails a month and many of these potential clients are looking for meter installers.

Join the Citiq Installation Club today and be rewarded with cash and clients just for choosing to install South Africa’s leading prepaid metering products.

Switch & Install a Citiq Prepaid Meter

If a non-Citiq Prepaid client, with a different submeter prepaid company, wants to join the Citiq Prepaid family, but does not know how to, they need not worry. Citiq Prepaid offers a service that allows clients-to-be to move their current prepaid meters to the Citiq Prepaid system at no cost..

As a contractor you can use the advice from our expert sales team who will provide you with the process that needs to be followed, as well as send you leads for new clients wishing to switch.

Get in touch with us for any Citiq Prepaid Meter Registration or Support Queries.