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citiq prepaid meter solutions property ownersManaging and recovering utility funds can be costly, admin-intensive and difficult, especially when tenants dispute amounts or refuse to pay. We remove all of this frustration with our online system that gives you remote access to usage and transaction data and reports. Primary reports will be automatically emailed to you every month.

Let us take care of all electricity fund recovery with our prepaid system.  Your tenants will use electricity on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and make payment upfront, which reduces the risk and tension around bill discrepancies.

All funds collected are held in a trust account insured by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. At the beginning of each month, the money is paid into an account specified by the property owner or manager. We reduce admin to a minimum while removing the risk and frustration of late or non-payment of utility bills.

For more information on how Citiq Prepaid can help you take control of collecting tenant utility bills, download our brochure or get in touch with our Call Centre

Take control of collecting tenant utility bills today!

Citiq Prepaid is the leading prepaid meter and vending system provider for landlords in South Africa. The unique vending system is the first of its kind. It enables clients (both landlords, property owners, developers and managing agents as well as tenants) to access detailed reports to track and manage utility consumption efficiently.


  • Tenants pay for electricity usage upfront
  • No more arguing with tenants over electricity usage – tenants pay as they consume
  • No unexpected post-payment issues experienced by the tenant
  • Reduced administration – no need to distribute account bills
  • Reduced risk on your utility collections – money is collected upfront from tenants
  • Convenient ways to buy Citiq Prepaid electricity, 24 hours a day, country-wide
  • Pre-payments are fidelity fund insured
  • More than one meter can be installed per property
  • More control/transparency for developers, landlords, managing agents and tenants
  • Reduced risk to uncollected utilities
  • Call centre assistance for consumers’ queries
  • Dedicated account manager

Our Call Centre will guide you through the next step.

Why Citiq Prepaid?

Easy to Install

Simple to Buy

Reliable Funds Collection

Painless to Switch

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