Citiq Prepaid



Municipal Solutions – Quality Prepaid Sub-Meter Vendor

Prepaid sub-metering improves the accuracy of tracking and billing electricity consumption to significantly boost municipal revenue collection and reduce losses due to maintenance issues and theft.

We assist municipalities by

  1. Boosting revenue through minimising losses. Users need to pay upfront for electricity, thus Municipalities will not need to put in time and effort to recover losses where disputes occur, or when bills are not paid by property owners or tenants
  2. Simplifying tracking and billing of electricity and/or water consumption through our tracking software and online reporting system.
  3. Reducing losses from maintenance & theft. Citiq Prepaid provide top quality prepaid meter products which reduces maintenance costs from the City.
  4. Reducing contracting resources. Property owner pays for the prepaid meter and installation thereof.
  5. Reducing Call Centre queries. If users or owners have any question, our call centre number is provided with each unit installed for any queries.

Citiq Prepaid assists Municipalities country wide to help property owners install prepaid electricity sub-meters. Our guaranteed stock availability reduces time-frames to installation and helps make the process smoother for both property owner and Municipality.

If we’re not yet a preferred vendor for your Municipality, please get in touch with our team and we will submit the necessary on-boarding documentation.

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