Citiq Prepaid



Our prepaid sub-meters for tenants are designed to help you track monthly utility payments and easily monitor your usage. You can use our prepaid sub-meters to manage your electricity and water, budget more accurately and get complete visibility into your utility usage.

Citiq Prepaid sub-meters enables tenants to:

  • The ability to track electricity usage with our premium, high-quality prepaid sub-metering solutions.
  • Manage electricity and water payments on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than handing over lump sums of money to landlords and property management agencies.
  • Visibility into how much water and electricity you are using so you can budget more effectively.
  • An online portal that allows you to manage monthly bills, access a tariff calculator and buy tokens online.
  • Access to the country’s largest network of recharge outlets – you can purchase tokens 24/7 online, on mobile devices, and from numerous convenient locations.
  •  A reliable and high-quality sub-metering solution you can rely on.
  • Exceptional call centre support, seven days a week.

Track and manage your utility usage

Citiq Prepaid sub-meters offer you a reliable and accessible way to track monthly utility payments and monitor your usage. Our prepaid sub-metering solutions offer you immediate control and visibility when it comes to your utilities. Take charge of your electricity and water with Citiq Prepaid’s high-quality prepaid meters for tenants and say goodbye to confusing bill sharing, unwanted disputes, and unexpected costs.

Bring your landlord on board

Citiq Prepaid sub-meters for tenants are transparent – usage, spend and costs are easy to understand and manageable. This minimises disputes as utilities are used on a pay-as-you-go basis which means no bill shock and no discrepancies. We help both tenants and landlords get the most out of prepaid utilities while cutting out admin, disputes and stress.

Manage monthly prepaid usage and spend perfectly

Our online portal offers you insight into your prepaid utility usage. You can use the portal to track monthly utility payments and monitor your usage bills. Our online portal offers you the ability to manage and track your spending with detailed reports and information. And, we provide landlords and estate managers with their own portal that offers detailed insights into prepaid sub-metering status and usage.

Recharge points on a national network for absolute control

We have the largest national network of recharge points so you can purchase tokens using mobile devices, online banking apps, and retail outlets countrywide. Tokens can be purchased 24 hours a day, country-wide, on numerous platforms which makes it easy for you to recharge your prepaid sub-meters. Citiq Prepaid also provides support from our two call centres that are open seven days a week


Are you renting a property? Are you being charged a lump sum for your utilities? Do you have limited visibility into your utility usage? If the answer is YES, then the solution is Citiq Prepaid. Both tenants and landlords, choose Citiq Prepaid sub-meters for properties of all sizes and locations. 

Once you become a Citiq Prepaid client, we support you with our 24/7 call centre, our online portal, our reliable and growing network of recharge points, and our commitment to constant innovation – our solutions are always evolving, just like your needs.

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