Landlords, managing agents, developers and body corporates face numerous management challenges on a daily and monthly basis. Prepaid electricity simplifies one of the most common, and often complex, of these challenges, ensuring that neither tenant nor owner is left with a large and unexpected electricity bill. One simple, easily installed, prepaid meter is the key to unlocking more efficient management of water and electricity, and ensuring that bills are allocated accurately and correctly.

Over the past eight years, Citiq Prepaid has made prepaid power its priority – partnering with electricians to install sub-metering systems into buildings and providing property owners with reliable products and innovative technology. To make life even easier, Citiq Prepaid’s portal has been designed to provide its various users with access to information so that they can manage their accounts as effectively as possible. The portal gives owners, managing agents and portfolio managers instant access to purchasing information and the ability to administer their meters on demand. Not only is this an ongoing benefit to using Citiq Prepaid, but the ability to access this information on demand means that users spend less time on admin and more time on building their business.

“Citiq Prepaid is one of the first prepaid meter providers to offer this level of transactional and administrative detail to its clients via the internet,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “Property owners can use the portal to assess their full meter portfolio and really drill down into the specifics of building and individual meters. Using our portal, they gain an immediate and aggregated view per building and a detailed view per meter per month. Reports are provided monthly via email and allow for owners to catch any potential issues and to ensure the seamless running of meter and business.”

The Meter Management Portal offers detailed consumption reports that can be customised per property, building and meter. It also allows for the remote management of costs and offers customers detailed transaction reports. Accessing the portal is simple – the user simply logs in with the details provided by Citiq Prepaid and then has a full view of the data that they require. Should they encounter any issues, they can contact our dedicated call centres and one of our trained support staff will provide them with clear instructions to using the system and getting the most out of the data provided.

“All the meter data our system collates is provided to the property owner, giving them a comprehensive view of their properties and allowing for them to make increasingly informed business decisions,” concludes Scheepers. “Tenants can also access the portal to see their personal meter data and understand their own usage requirements and costs.”

The Citiq Prepaid portal ensures that the company lives up to its goal of being the most reliable, easy and convenient way of accessing, controlling and managing electricity consumption and usage. The completely South African business is designed to meet the needs of the property market, and continues to do so through innovative products and solutions tailored to the local market’s unique needs.

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